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A short thriller in the vein of the Night Gallery. A conman abuses his psychic wife's abilities to blackmail strangers with their futures.

Produced by and Starring Seamus Dever.  Co-Starring Haley Strode

Written by Sean Patrick Traver and Jamie Neese

Produced by Jay Hoben and Kelly Stuart

Directed by Jamie Neese


Feature film and trailer.  On her birthday, Melissa discovers that her boyfriend has been cheating on her. Determined to never repeat a past mistake, Melissa journeys to all of her past exes to get some humiliation and closure and - try to wipe the slate clean.  

Written by Amy Heidish and Directed by Jamie Neese


Short film written and directed by Jamie Neese about an abusive grocery store clerk and his victimized shopping cart.  Starring KC Marsh


Jesus returns and hires a Hollywood agent to reinvent his image for his big return!

Co-Written by Sean Patrick Traver and Directed by Jamie Neese

Tranquility Inc.

A short film, written and directed by Jamie Neese, about an unexpected visit from a relationship grim reaper. Starring Lisa Jay and Mark R. Gerson.


When Pearl's co-workers find her with the donuts she commandeered before a client meeting, they hatch a plan to confiscate them from her. Little do they know, Pearl has a plan, too.

Starring: Martin Olson, Brittany Flickinger, Jeff Bowser, Ray Anderson

Written by: Brittany Flickinger, Katie Schwartz, Jamie Neese,

Adam Franklin


Directed by Jamie Neese

MIDNIGHT-Project Greenlight Season 3

A short film directed by Jamie Neese.  Starring Castle's Seamus Dever and April Adamson.

Produced and photographed by Jay Holben

Jamie Neese's Top Ten Director Scene for Project Greenlight Season 3

Right of Passage - You're Thinking of Someone Else

When Abigail is pulled over by an officer for any reason whatsoever, she feels compelled to confess... everything.

Starring: Katya Lidsky, Stirling Gardner

Improvments - You're Thinking of Someone Else

Two improvisers, with vast career potential, take their bad-ass act to stoops throughout Los Angeles.

Starring Drew Droege and Katya Lidsky

Bea Normal - You're Thinking of Someone Else

Bea is the proprietor of a flower shop with a unique tactic for moving product.

Starring: Fred Stoller, Becky Thyre

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